Too Tight to Stretch: Stiff Neck and Shoulders
Alana Mitnick

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Alana thank you for this  video! I am severely disabled, but able to do all the poses!!
Hi  mary, So happy to hear from you. Great news! Please feel free to send me a private message in the forum with any specific questions. I would love to learn more about what you're working so that I can better support / guide you in your practice.  Wishing you a wonderful new year! Keep up with your Yoga! Love, Alana 
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This was perfect. I do most of my sessions at night to help me calm down. My neck bothers me a lot and I thought this would help so i did your routine tonight. This was perfect, Not surprised since you really are one of my favorite instructors. Thank you for all your classes.
Hi Donna, Thank you for sharing and joining me in Yoga. I am so glad to hear that this practice gave you some relief... I know what neck and nerve pain feels like... and for me, gentle unwinding / stretching, a good night sleep, and stress reduction help tremendously. Stay close and keep me posted. Warmly, Alana 
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