30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 21: Invigorate Your Day
Robert Sidoti

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That totally rocked! Thank you for including an alternative way to feel the sensation of the full inversion using the block - that move will definitely become part of my regular routine.
I'm really looking forward to a day off, I will not lie, :) but today, I am grateful to show up in honor of my commitment to myself. Hadn't done the plow in a long while, its an invigorating pose for sure. thanks Robert! good day all!
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Expansive and rich experience on and off the mat these 21 days and an excellent pivot into 2017! Thank you for showing up.
Awesome Marilyn! I'm sure you've just finished up by now? Hope you are feeling strong, balanced, open and alive:)) All my best, Robert
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That was a great practice - thanks for giving us an alternative pose for the full inversion. Each day I am feeling stronger. Wonderful. Thank you.
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Namaste Robert, great session this morning for woo hoo Day 21. It is 5.30am and 29.5 degrees Celsius this morning! Yep it's building up for another downpour here in the tropics! Now time for a swim :) thank you see you tomorrow. I hope you do another 30 days after this 30 because I'm loving this routine!
Louisa! Sounds like you live in a wonderful place! Glad you are loving the routine of this challenge, we hope to get another one going again!
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Day 21. I feel so stoked to be at day 21 of yoga. I feel stronger every day. And, I know I keep saying this, but it's quite profound to show up and do something positive, every day, no matter what my mood. It's makes a huge difference. Oh, and I love that we're getting into a more flowy practice, building on what we know. Thank you much for the gift of this practice.
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Day 21 Ruth !! Well done✌️πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ™πŸ½
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