The Self Care Challenge: Day 1: Align With You
Kelly Sunrose

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Love doing this work with you Kelly, feels so good!
YAY!!! So happy to be *in here* together!!
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I really needed this! Looking forward to the next 9 days! Thank you for putting together this program- I think we profoundly need it!
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Thank you Kelly! Yes, beautiful way to start day and love the sequence and flow of our steps the first day! Now to writing!
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BTW, I fixed the sound problem! It was my iPad's problem!
Happy to hear, Louisa! love kira and sarah
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I,m enjoying the practice. I have a small question about flexibility sitting in sukusana with hands walking forward is accessible although I do not have flexibility or possibly my anatomy is just not built that way to allow my forehead to the earth as well as turning my head side to side. Namaste
Hi Dina! So happy you are here. Such a great question. Generally, when the floor is too far away, I bring the floor to me! You can do this lots of different ways: placing bricks under the hands (or head), resting the forearms and head on the seat of a sturdy chair (or overturned laundry basket or even the bed) with a blanket draped over the edge, resting the forearms and head against the wall. Thanks for connecting! xo!
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I feel like somehow this came up right when I needed it. I'm feeling like I've lost my self awareness and I'm looking forward to finding it again. Although I'm not sure I will be able to do 10 days straight (since I may be in the backcountry where my favourite practice takes place), I'll definitely finish all 10 days. Feeling hopeful and thankful.
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Dearest Lynn, yes, let the practices be in the perfect timing for you and nothing helps more than time in nature. xokira (ya)
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