The Self Care Challenge: Day 7: Choose Ease
Kelly Sunrose

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Thank you for showing up so wholeheartedly and openly in all of these practices. You truly embody us all being in this together... making it so much easier to embrace the work. This series is one I can return to again and again - it is work that builds on itself.

It is wonderful to watch you shine, Kelly. Love
Lori Thank YOU so much for sharing in this whole experience! I *really* feel us all doing this together. LOVE.
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Love this one! The coffee-loving is so relatable, and it makes me happy knowing that finding joy in the little things truly is valuable. Looking forward to NOT complaining all day. Will report back with how it goes :)
Cannot wait to hear about it, Paige! Thank you so much for being here and checking in.
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Not complaining is/was quite hard. Mid-complaints I would think, "omg I need to stop". That thought probably lightened the blow of my complaints. Needless to say, this intention has been set daily since the day I did this challenge, and it's still continuing.
Paige, good work! I can totally relate! There is a moment of hilarity once I realize what I am doing. Sometimes I will say to myself "What a uniquely human moment this is!" and then really laugh. Thanks so much for checking back in!
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This challenge is so deep I am going to have to do it again - and maybe again and again. In fact I am doing a mediation workshop and I think I will do at least parts of it at night. One of the ways that we "leak" joy is by complaining. That is so true. Going a day without complaining. So difficult. Hum..... Kelly this challenge is very challenging. Mind bendy. Thanks Kelly. With everyday I appreciate you more.
Sam, thank you so much for being here and for sharing your experience. I like your idea about coming back and back to the practices: it gives us a reference point over the course of practice. So very happy to be doing this super-challenging work together!
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Hi you totally cracked me up with your coffee ritual ha ha not complaining now that will be a true test x
Angela I take the joy of coffee quite seriously! ; ) The complaining practice is so rich: I can always tell when things are a bit "off" for me if I'm complaining a lot without taking action. Keep me posted! XO!
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