Flow Sweet Flow: Morning Glow
Laura Tyree

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I'm excited to have a level one vinyasa class but request a few modifications:
less repetition - if you are going to have so many downward dogs and pyramid poses can you provide more variation each round or build on the sequence or coordinate with the breath? Not only does it start to fatigue my body it's less interesting.
More attention to detail- positioning of the back foot during lunge vs warrior poses should be distinguished. Also would like better direction on transitions vs come on out or reach up. What are key body parts doing during the transition?
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Dearest Leslie. So glad you are here and really appreciate your feedback. Laura just got married, so if she does not respond in the next few days, I'll follow up with more detail. Hope you had a great holiday. With Love, Kira
oh yeah! I'm glowing! thank you!
Wow! Leslie! Such great questions and observations! My style is simple and has less detail as it is a beginners class. I find in my public classes that too much detail takes away from the quieting quality of the practice. Definitely a choice of preferences. I suggest you seek out the perfect teacher that gives you more of what you need, as you have the hunger for greater details. Which is GREAT!!! Be well and enjoy your body and your practice!
Thanks Laura and congrats on your recent marriage. Do you or anyone else have a reco for specific shows or classes. Like I said before I am thrilled there is a Vinyasa chanel for level one since it's the perfect pace and difficulty as the result of major trauma to my body. Howevert I need to be mindful of how to get in and out of poses as well as what goes into a pose for the same reason.
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Hi Leslie, lets see if we can find you a match!

You might like Margi's Season 3 of Welcome to Yoga.
http://www.yogaanytime.com/sh ow-season/4214/Yoga-Welcome-to-Yoga -Season-3-Explore-the-Fundamentals

See if you have a connection with Jules Mitchel, you might like some practices in her Season 2 of Anatomy for Yogis. She's very technical and clear.
http://www.yogaanytime.com/s how-season/1031/Yoga-Anatomy-for-Yo gis-Season-2-Jules-Mitchell

And maybe Suniti's Season 2 of Asana Studies will be a match. Her instruction is quiet and spacious, yet less detailed anatomically.
http://www.yogaanytim e.com/show-season/413/Yoga-Asana-St udies-Season-2-Suniti-Dernovsek

If none of these practices are correct, we will continue to seek.
Glad you are here.
With Love, Kira
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Thanks Kira!!! Btw Your Welcome to Yoga videos have helped me get back into yoga and have a good giggle while I'm at it. Namaste!
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So much sunshine on a stormy dark morning! I so enjoyed this luxurious practice - the whole class felt like a moving meditation, with all the time in the world. Thank you thank you.
Love it. Is not only for beginners. If you find most vinyasa classes too fast (as I do), you'll enjoy that one.
I just want to say how much I loved this class. It was amazing. I have been practicing yoga for 30 years and know all the world famous teachers from their videos, but I just loved Laura Tyree so much if not more. I am new to Yoga Anytime but I am so happy I found this. I loved Laura's style. She is so calm and just tells you what you need to know, no extra talking etc. Just perfect. It was so custom made for me. I loved the modifications. They helped me transition from easy to hard in such a great way. I cannot wait to try all of Laura's videos. I just finished this workout and couldn't wait to write this. Thank you so so much.
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