Mother Tongue: Alphabet Pronunciation
Anuradha Choudry

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Thank you for this practice.
It brings me *such* joy to be learning Sanskrit with you!
This might sound silly, but I do a lot of laughing at myself during these practices, and I feel your compassion as a teacher even through this video as I bumble along. Thank you for that!
Dear Kelly, thank you so much for your happy feedback. The very nature of Sanskrit is that it can be intoxicating when one opens oneself to its spirit. Am so glad that you have tasted its joy .. Hope to keep you enraptured throughout this journey with the wonder that is Sanskrit :)
This was so interesting and beautiful, thank you Anuradha! I'm wondering if you know of any place I can find a picture of the body with the sounds indicated where you have shown us. It would help me remember this better.
Dear Zara, Thank you for sharing your experience with this lesson. There is a book by David Frawley called 'Mantra Yoga and Primal Sound' that gives a chart of which sounds relate to which part of the body that you could refer to. Enjoy the practice :)
Namaste Anuradhaji- Many thanks for such a beautiful practice and for enabling us to invoke the sacredness of the vibration within the human body that is the microcosm of That! I am grateful for your teaching. Blessings! gayathri
Dear Gayathriji, Thank you for accepting to be part of this journey and sharing you encouraging feedback. Am glad this practice resonates with you. shubhamastu! :)
Very Super!
Sva Djhaya Glad you enjoyed this :)
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Marvelous thank you very much Anuradha. I am trying to brush up my samskrit. This is the foundation I was looking for lot many years. Thank you very very much
Dear Lakshmi Suresh , Thank you very much for sharing your encouraging feedback. Am glad that these sharings are serving you well. Shubhamastu :)
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