Mother Tongue: Why Mantra?
Anuradha & Kira

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Many Thanks! Been looking for authentic teaching many years.
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Sharon, isn't Anuradha wonderful? We are so lucky.
Thank you Sharon for enjoying the sharing :)
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Love the show and everything about mantras thank you
Dear Helma, glad you are here! xok
Happy to have you with us Helma, Enjoy the power of the mantra :)
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Seeing you two and hearing your conversation about mantras was very inspirational for me. Thanks a lot!
Thank you Sladjana for joining us on this show. Look forward to hearing from you..
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I am really enjoying this series, Mother Tongue. I have recently been religiously practicing mantra and Yoga Anytime and Mother Tongue came to me in perfect timing. I am enjoying some amazing transformations in my life. Thank you so much. Blessings!
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Kala, this news makes me so happy. Anuradha is coming to film more mantra next month! xok
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