21-Day Meditation Challenge: Day 5: Count Down to Calm
Nikki Estrada

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I found just a tiny, tiny space where I sank into a deep meditative calm with this technique today. It brought me some hope that I, one day, will be able to sit quietly and connect to my highest self. The counting was the catalyst in that, I’m sure. But, I’m always surprised that I can count in meditation, as I did today, and find my mind still wandering off, though much less so when doing this counting technique. I can chant the Psalms in church while thinking of other things. I think the mind is a wild and ornery creature sometimes, which is why I’m taking these meditation classes. Thank you so much, Nikki. You are a blessing in my life!💕
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thank you
Barbora you are welcome!!

Found it impossible to count to 50 with the length of my breath.  Since it is just a technique I tried 1,2,3,4,5, 50  1,2,3,4,5, 49 etc.  That way I did not stress about running out of breath. 
Paula E I think you might have misunderstood the technique. You count once per inhalation and exhalation, not 50 all in one breath.. So, when you exhale, say "50" in your head, then with the next inhale "49" and the next exhale 48...and so on. Its one count per inhale or exhale, and then when you hit 20 you only count the exhalations, not the inhalations. Give that a try or if your technique is helpful stick with that! 
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Was feeling anxious beforehand, wondering if I was capable of sitting for twenty minutes.The counting suits me though, and I settled into it very quickly. Much appreciated.See you tomorrow.
Sean C that one has always worked for me!
Now that was different. It took me several times to get the counting technique down. I would lose count and repeat, lose count and repeat. I didn't seem to drift but struggle remembering the count down.
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