Feeling Alright: 30-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 1: Spinal Wake-Up
Robert Sidoti

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This challenge is an excellent way to find a structuring of time during these days of isolation! Day 1 felt great, Robert. Looking forward to the ride!
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You are welcome Clara  :)) 
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One of my struggles with online classes is needing to constantly look at the screen, your queues and this sequence were just amazing!
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This is just what I need right now.  I really enjoyed day 1.  I am using these as an opener to my daily workouts.  It's always a pleasure to Yoga with you Robert.  Thanks!
Hey there Mirey !! Thanks for your comment 29 days ago - how have you progressed through challenge? Have you finished? How do you feel? 
Hi Kira !! Thanks for being here and starting this challenge (I comment on your day 11/12 comment) Have you finished? How are you feeling? Been practicing any other videos you like? 
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Hi there Robert!

I am a newbie when it comes to Yoga as I've only met with this practice during the quarantine. I have done a few beginner lessons here and there yet a challenge I can follow daily is certainly what I need for continuity purposes. I can't say I struggled to follow the flow of day 1, yet I am also skeptical of my capabilities for the upcoming days. 

Do you have any suggestions before moving on any further?
Hello and Welcome Gökçe !!! I'm so happy you've chosen this challenge to begin your yoga journey :)) How is it going so far?? How are you feeling? My suggestion would be to show up as regularly as you can, making the challenge a priority in your daily schedule - this way you're giving yourself the best chance to really take to the practice, to condition yourself to move everyday etc ... Hope that makes sense, very simple suggestion but can be difficult :)) Please please keep me posted along the way!! Robert 
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Day 1 complete... looking forward to the commitment of my first 30 day challenge and hoping I will be less tin man and more fluid as the days progress. Thanks for the inspiration.
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