The Bhakti Show: Awaken Shakti Energy<br>Julia Berkeley

The Bhakti Show: Awaken Shakti Energy
Julia Berkeley

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Sara T
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Amazing juicy inner energy flow. This is absolutely brilliant and exactly what I was looking for! Combines all the elements of proper yoga to create an incredible feeling. Perfect for before bedtime.
Julia Berkeley
Yay Sara ! So glad you're feeling it ✨💖✨
Catherine R
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Wonderful practice! I am enjoying this whole season sooooo much!
Julia Berkeley
Oh so glad it's serving you Catherine. Jai Ma!
Paula Marie P
This was my introduction to Julia's style and I really loved it. Fun, energizing practice, and the chanting was powerful.
Julia Berkeley
Thanks for tuning in Paula Marie
Beth F
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Thank you Julia - a wonderful powerful practice!
Julia Berkeley
Thanks for sharing Beth ... Jai Ma!
Lisa C
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This is AWESOME! You are my favorite at OVAC & now I have you in my home!!!! I'm soooo happy! Thank you Julia.
Julia Berkeley
Yay Lisa... So happy you found this. Your message has me smiling!
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