45 Minute Yoga Flows: Moon Fire Flow
Rosemary Garrison

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I loved this! I felt amazing after and my tense shoulders and neck almost vibrated with happy relief. I loved your warm presence and it was easy to flow with your guidance
Thank you, Nicole ! The notion of your shoulders and neck vibrating with relief makes me so happy. (I hold tension there too ; ). I hope you continue to enjoy. Oh so grateful.
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Great practice. Loved it. Thank you
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Thank you again. I love this practice.
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Awesome x
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Thank you
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I feel amazing after that- thankyou! Fantastic teacher; says what needs to be said and no more so the flow stays meditative. Lots of yoga teachers talk too much, for me!
Thank you, Tanith! I've always loved the silence in a practice- space to hear your own breath and inner wisdom arising. I'm happy it resonates with you. Enjoy!
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A practice to cap off a lovely day - celebrating my 60th birthday! Perfect ending to a special day. Thank you, Rosemary!!
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Kate, sending you a belated but very happy birthday! How lovely of you to share part of your day with us :)
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