Your Body on Yoga: Sympathetic & Parasympathetic
Kristin Leal

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I’ve been hoping you would do a season on this subject...I love the way you use similes metaphors (in all your classes) to help explain what could otherwise be technical and dry. Thanks so much for your sweet and often funny self!
Oh that's so kind Jenny ! I'm really happy you're here!
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Playing the nervous system lectures over and over again. Not just for m own life/practice, but thinking of the physiological effects of chronic stress or trauma, starting in childhood which is a contributing factor to early onset diabetes and all kinds of illnesses. One can only imagine that children subjected to violence, verbal and physical abuse, and other traumas are starting life hugely disadvantaged.
Caroline I've been thinking about this a lot these days. The work of Kyra Haglund on this site has been a valuable resource for me and my students. Thank you for being here and sharing your voice to these discussions.
I was wondering... does the pendulum shift from sympathetic to parasympathetic NS correspond to the change in dominance of breath flow through the nostrils?
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YES Kate !! When the sympathetic is dominant /right nostril (pingala) is dominant and when the parasympathetic is dominant/ left nostril (ida) is dominant!
How cool!!!
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The NS is super cool Kate !!
Timely information for stressful times!  Be well, Kristin : )
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oh I'm so happy to hear that it was useful Kate! Sending love:)
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