Awaken to You: 30-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 1: Meet Yourself
Shelley Williams

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Shelley Williams I'm really enjoying getting started with this challenge. Agree completely with Ted!
Simon Hey Simon! Welcome to the challenge! Happy New Year and Happy practicing 😊
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Oh I've missed happy to get to take your class again now that it can work into my work schedule. YAY! xoxo
Katy! Welcome back .....! So great to see you here~ and welcome!! Glad to be sharing this with you xoxo
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Day 1 done! ✅
Alicia! Welcome!! So glad to have you on the yoga challenge train ;) happy practicing
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Day 1 - was not so bad!! Thank-you for making the transition back to the mat gentle and welcoming - am actually excited for tomorrow❤️
Aloha Lynn! Welcome! I hope you are feeling good today, and enjoying the slow roll into the slow flow~ we will build progressively, but just keep moving at the pace that suits you! Here for any questions and comments you may have :)
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Such a sweet first class! Thank you for all the positive energy and encouragement. Really lovely.
Kate Welcome and thanks for joining!! Happy practicing!
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