Yoga and the Somatic Experience: Week 3: Air Body
Suniti Dernovsek

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This was so great Suniti! I'm loving this somatic exploration, and how it transforms into a greater awareness of my life in general. Thank you  
Viola,  I love this share. Spreading your practice into all parts of life is the way! Thanks Viola. I'm so glad you resonated with these practices.
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Thank you. This one was amazing and brought me back in contact with feeling and being in my body and experiencing it fully.
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Enjoyed this week's session, the flow and sequencing was so graceful. Thank you and Happy New Year!
Eva P, Thank you for practicing and for sharing a reflection. Ah, to feel the body more fully!
Happy New Year Sue D!  Your welcome. I'm so glad this resonated with you.

Thank you! I love your series..they are amazing. 
Hi, Maria L, Wonderful!  It's great to hear you are enjoying it. 
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