Yoga and the Somatic Experience: Week 5: Space Body
Suniti Dernovsek

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You are a wonderful teacher. What a pleasure to be guided by you! Thank you! Sat Nam!
Cassia, thank you for your sweet words. I really love being here on yoga anytime. Glad we could connect! 
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Loving the entire course, I think I'll stick with this video for a longer while :)
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Awwww thank you lovely Suniti for this wonderful somatic experience, I have really enjoyed practicing with you, you are one of the best teachers I have found yet! The last class in particular was magical 💫 xx
Sarah, Thank you for sharing. I'm so glad these practices resonated with you.
Thank you Zuzanna! 
Suniti, this was a beautiful class and a delightful series. So great to spend some time with you, even it it's not in person. - Ammon
Hi Ammon! What a sweet surprise seeing your name here. I'm glad you enjoyed the series! You are missed in Portland. Sending love
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