The Bhakti Show: For the Love Flow
Astrud Castillo

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That was beautiful. Feels so wonderful to open into these backbends and twists. Hari Om. Thank you, Astrud, for your gentle guidance : )
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Kate Backbends feel so essential around this time of the year. We are in the throws of Kapha Season. Good to open it up a bit. Hari Om.. _/I\_

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Thank you goddess 🙏 I needed that and I loved your chant , Blessings & love ❤️
Eleanor big love Eleanor and thank you for dropping in. Let’s keep the heart as open as possible! Hari Om...
What a joyful practice! My heart feels happy! One question, though. Why do you use the word “breathings” instead of “breaths”?
Catherine haha Catherine! Good question and I have no good answer , I just picked it along the way and like it! Glad you felt good after practice 💓
Thank you, Astrud! So nice to see your shining face from home. Much love!--
Natalie Ahh thank you dear Natalie!!
That was beautiful! I love doing your and Jasmine’s classes because they make me feel like I’m back at Laughing Lotus. Hope you’re doing well!
Loved it!! Thank you so much :) 

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