Fall Ayurveda Yoga Challenge: Day 5: Harvest<br>Melina Meza

Fall Ayurveda Yoga Challenge: Day 5: Harvest
Melina Meza

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Jenny S
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Thank you for this Fall Ayurveda Challenge, which didn’t feel like a “challenge” but rather more of a pleasure to look forward to each day. Today’s practice with the bandhas was soothing for my nervous system, which was quite jangled after peeking at the news this morning (gotta cut down on that)! Wishing you and everyone at Yoga Antime a blessed autumn season 🍂🍁🌾
Heidi K
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Thank you dear Melina for sharing . I love all of your classes. I've been teaching for 24 years and studying privately with an Iyengar teacher for more than 10 years, and I'm always amazed and grateful for learning new things to help me with my daily practice. I've missed being able to teach because of the virus. Sadly, two of the yoga studios where I've been teaching for 10 years have closed permanently due to this virus. You are an amazing teacher. I'm so grateful for all that you bring to Yoga Anytime . I`ll be looking forward to more new videos . May you and your family be well,  happy and healthy ~ Best wishes,
Melina Meza
What beautiful comments, thank you both!!!!. Jenny, I love that you see this as a "pleasure" more than a challenge and that you notice how much yoga can help balance out the stress of the news! Heidi, I love that my classes expand your yoga tool box and keep you inspired in your daily practice. Thank you for such beautiful comments, I am so grateful for the opportunity to share these videos with you.
Linda G
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I absolutely loved the way you introduced the bandhas. 
Felt gentle and natural.
Thank you!  
Michelle F
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Hi Melina,
Many thanks for this wonderful autumn preparation-lovely sessions and helpful hints. I wanted to mention the BASIC ayurvedic tenet of early to bed. I live in southern Spain,  where early to bed is just plain impossible  for most folk- Im an English teacher and work in a private academy 3.30 - 10 pm so don´t get home till 10.30. I studied ayurvedic massage with Dr. Peetambar Mishra from Benares for many years in his annual trip to Spain and this was something we discussed often. I´d like to share his Spanish compromise - 
every 5 minutes before midnight is worth 10 minutes after midnight - and you can "catch up" with lost sleep by having a really early night at the weekend!
I find the idea of soup for breakfast thrillingly strange but haven´t got around to it yet -  - have other yogis managed the bedtime? - and how did  they fare with  soup!
Have an awesome autumn!
Kate M
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Thank you Melina for this  soothing and nourishing "challenge". So many helpful tips for moving along with the transition into fall, and winter. May we all find blessings in the fertile darkness. Love.
Melina Meza
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You are so welcome and I wish you much health in the season ahead.
Melina Meza
I'm going to email you Michelle because my reply is too long to fit in this thread!
Christel B
Lovely series!  Lots of great ideas to put into action.  Enjoyed focusing on the bandhas  throughout today’s  class. I like the idea of the kitgara  meals.
Charlotte M
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Thank you so much for this amazing seasonal practice. I've learned so much and the creativity has been an inspiration. Wonderful!
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