Fall Ayurveda Yoga Challenge: Day 5: Harvest
Melina Meza

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I was so absorbed into the five-day challenge that I am sad to see it end. When I started my yoga journey, my first teacher reinforced "zipping up the pants" as a way to reinforce proper posture. Melina's last August challenge uses breath awareness to slow down this "zipping up"; it's a lot of mental discipline (thank you!) and I even found myself continuing the breathing process in the last self-care talk. As with the other days in the challenge, the practice will continue to surprise you physically, as there is no way to predict the sequencing. 
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Hello David! Your comments have been much appreciated,  I hope your enthusiasm and reviews will inspire others to dive in as deeply as you did! I really enjoyed making these "challenges", perhaps you can tell? Grateful for the muse to inspire all these fun sequences! Wishing you much health David, and have fun dropping into my Season 1-5 for even MORE unique sequences that will surprise you.
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