Soothing the Nervous System: Let’s Go to Vagus
Kristin Leal

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Viva Las Vagus!
 What a beautiful session Kristin - many thanks ! Which mantra were you singing? - you have been blessed with such a soothing sweet voice,  such a privilege to be  lying in savasana being washed over by your dulcet tone! just the very  dab for a Sunday morning!
loveandpeacexxx< /div>
A great explanation of the vagus nerve thanks
Thanks Lorraine !
hahaha Michelle ! My goodness thank you for your kind words:) 
My teacher calls this Mantra the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra

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Kristin- what a great article and brilliant story - thank you - haha not entirely sure if id like to be 16 for ever- tho i suppose it must be different if you´re enlightened and devoted!
Michelle F hahaha! Truth!!
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I agree with Michelle regarding your voice. This was a very effective meditation practice. I feel much less stressed, actually I’m feeling quite great right about now...I imagine this technique will be very useful during the times ahead...Thank You 🙏🏻🎶
So sweet Jenny S ! It is my great hope that these practices are helpful (especially in times like these) Thank you!
what a beautiful session - thanks very much for this. :)
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