Gentle Yoga: Stretch Your Back
Alana Mitnick

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Hi Alana,

I have been enjoying your practices with my husband who is new to yoga.  Weve done the beginners and gentle yoga seasons 1 & 2.  What would you suggest next?  Should we go back and do the seasons again.  Thanks - I love your practices.  Anne
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This is the perfect yoga class. Thank you!
Hi ANNE B, Thank you so much for your message awhile back. I am just resurfacing from the postpartum underworld (my baby is now 7 months old!) and seeing your sweet message. I am SO happy to know that you and  your husband have been enjoying these Gentle Yoga practices. That's fantastic! You might really enjoy Yoga for Vitality (a new Show on Yoga Anytime) with the lovely Patti Lewis. Please keep me posted on how your yoga practice is going/feeling. Love, Alana 
Charlotte H, So wonderful to hear from you! I am delighted to know that you are enjoying this practice, and hope this finds you feeling good. Love, Alana  
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