Gentle Yoga: Spacious Hips
Alana Mitnick

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Wonderful, Melissa D! Thank you for joining me in Yoga. xoA
Lovely to hear, Lina S. I am enjoying those butterfly variations, too! So delighted to be practicing together. Love, Alana 
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Thank you for another amazing class. This one is a new favorite for relaxing in the evening. Love it!
Beautiful, Diane C. So delighted that you enjoyed this practice in the evening. What a sweet way to unwind, relax and center during that "magic hour" before before bed. Enjoy! Love, Alana 
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I am LOVING this series! Thank you for teaching
Laura M, So happy to hear that you are loving this series! It is a joy and honor to share. Grateful for your presence and receptivity. XoA
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Thank you so much for this gentle practice.  I'm recovering from being sick and needed something sweet and slow. Namaste!
Shanna, Thank you for being here! So glad this gentle practice was just the right feel and pace for you today. I hope you feel better. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Love, Alana 
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Noticed my left side weaker than right. I think it's because my left shoulder works poorly. how does that effect the Prana ?
Sara S, What an insightful observation and such a good question. Stay with this question and allow is to inspire your search. Feeling and sensing the flow of Prana (or subtle life energy) is such a personal inquiry and Mystery. I find this talk The Flow of Prana by Robert Svoboda to be helpful. Stay close and keep me posted on your discoveries. So glad you are here! Love, Alana 
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