Joyful Flow: High-Low Flow
Wade Gotwals

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Wow! I didn’t realize how much my body has been missing your creative and challenging (for me) classes, Wade! It’s been a long, cold winter here in New England and there’s a chance I may have self-medicated with a little too much vegan chocolate (it’s good for you, right?) so today I made good use of all my props and I can tell you, the mantra to “find the joy” really helped 😀
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Hi! its so good to hear from you Jenny S, so glad you could join the flow and it 'shook' things up! I am officially inducted into your vegan chocolate club- so much comfort food this season- so glad we have yoga! Share the joy + the chocolate hahaha
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Your class was perfect at the end of a stressful week. My morale was a bit low. Thanks we have yoga to calm down and connect with ourselves. I really enjoy your creative classes and your sense of humour. Thank you!
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I love the creativity in your sequencing. It certainly opened me to joy. Thank you Wade.
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So glad to be on this joyful journey every week. 
Hi Lina S its always great to hear from you and knowing that this flow brought some positive energy to your day makes me so happy...keep cultivating the JOY!
Yes to being open Ali !!! So happy you are resonating with the sequencing and its keeping things fresh= thanks for sharing with me and the forum!
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Christel B YAS!! So glad you are joining too- it helps me to know this as I teach and feel your energy - thanks for being here!
Great class again, Wade! Helping open up to JOY one breath at a time!!
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wonderful to hear from you Kate M ! yes slow steady and joyful wins the race!
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