Joyful Flow: Celebrate Spaciousness
Wade Gotwals

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Hola Carmen S. - Si! es como la vida una grand baile!! que bueno que lo sientes!
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Hi Wade, i enjoy your classes a lot. Don´t really know that you speak spanish .
Saludos desde España or Regards from Spain
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Thank you, Wade. Another great one! I've missed your classes, but somehow was drawn to look one up today. Very grounding for me. A delightful thing happened too... I came into the arm balance on the second side when we were in the dragon type pose. It was my first time to do that! Life can be surprising. Sending a big hug from Berlin.
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Hola FERNANDO L solo hablo un pocito, pero lo intento! Muchas veces en Espana y Mexico! Donde vivas en Espana? Gracias por saludarme!!
Great to hear from you Shawn and love the 'breakthrough' moments when you your body gets to experience a new pose for the first time!!! Celebrate!! Thanks for sharing and big hug on the way to Berlin!
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Amazing practice Wade! I’m left wondering why there isn’t a ‘love’ button, as opposed to ‘like’ option on Yoga Anytime! Many thanks! 😂
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Hi Sue M ahhhh so nice of you,  know that Love button has been received and thanks for sharing it with me and the forum!!
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Muchas gracias Carmen S. y Si! Cuando Yoga se mueve como una danza, es liberadora! Hope I wrote that correct LOL
That was so lovely xx 🤸🏿 Thank you for creating it xxx
HI Justine K so glad you were feeling this opening flow, it's one of the go-to's in my personal practice!! big hug
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