Yoga and the Somatic Experience: Day 1: Touching
Suniti Dernovsek

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Hi Suniti, this practice so chimed with me. My research into yoga and fasciae might interest you. Very much about somatically experiencing yoga. Internalizing the experience to get the echo through the subtle body. Lovely. Thank you. 
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Thank you! This practice allowe me to feel these poses in a whole new way.
Hi Sara J, Thanks for sharing. I'd love to take a look at more of your work. Always a treat to meet someone else in the field. 
Renee R, Yes!  I love finding freshness in the familiar shapes. 
I closed my eyes and the journey started.....feeling trough my skin, trough my fascia is priceless. I can sense things I'm not able to see with my eyes! Thank you so much.... I also went for a walk to touch and hug the tree, my friend of my every day walk....It calms me down, it give me peace and I realize the fullness of silence. Much Love
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Francesca Venturini, Yay!  This is a wonderful share. Thank you!
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Awsome. Liked it a lot.
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Many thanks for the class, I enjoyed the somatically focused vinyasa sequences. I was surprised that not speciffic somatic movement education background was mentioned in your bio. Since this filed is a profession, as much as Yoga, I find it important to mention the teachers or schools that inspire our somatic movement practice so other people can reach them too and the lineage can be honored.  Looking forward to progressing with the course! 
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Puri thank you! Yes, my bio on yoga anytime does need to be updated. Thank you for the reminder. I study Body-Mind Centering mostly with Wendy Hambidge but with others as well. Susan Harper is my continuum teacher and Todd Jackson is currently my main yoga teacher. He teaches asana with a somatic focus and I study cranial sacral therapy with him. I also study Alexander Technique with Rebecca Harrison and Rubenfield Synergy with Deborah Merkle. I have spent a significant amount of time exploring dance improvisation which has deepened my understanding of somatics. Hope that helps find a bit of thr threads of my lineage which I hold quite dear. 
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