Beyond Binary: Deep Rest Is Radical
Miles Borrero

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Love your arm balance practices. I have one weird problem though. Placing My knees on my upper arms hurts my tricep area. I’m not talking about muscular. It’s like I need to cushion my upper arms lol. It’s always been like that when I do any crow version. Advise?
Lauri K Hey Lauri, you are not alone in that. I think I know exactly what you mean. Part of the reason that is happening is because all your weight is going down with gravity. The way to begin to counter that in for example, a crow pose, is to activate your core. thinking it does not make it happen. so instead, i suggest a trick. bringing your big toes together, pointing your feet, and trying to bring your heels up toward your sitz bones. that will activate your core. without you having to think about it and will make your body lighter. It is all about firing the right things at the right time. Hope that helps.
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Oh Miles…as fate would have it, I had oral surgery yesterday and the doctor told me no exercise for at least a day…not even yoga. Today I went on the Yoga Anytime app looking for a nice long meditation instead, and I was so happy to find your beautiful latest offering - a yoga nidra! I’m sure the doctor did not have this in mind when she said “no yoga”. I just adored this practice. Yoga nidra is so restful and replenishing. Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙏🏻
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Jenny S Jenny! You made my day. Thank you. I've been a bit blue and this is just so great to hear. And I love that it was so synchronistic. Yoga Nidra is suuuuuch a sweet practice. I'm glad it was there for you when you needed it. I hope you heal well. Big love 💜
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Aw Miles…isn’t the reciprocity of yoga a magical thing?  The gift that keeps on giving…
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Yum! I'm definitely saving this practice for that afternoon lull when I think I need a nap. This is a much better alternative - feeling restored and energized. Thanks Miles!
Pamela D amazing! So glad! 
Jenny S so true. ✨
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This was out standing !! Thank you!!
Laura M yay! Glad you enjoyed! 💜
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