Yoga Alchemy: Deep Hip Opening
Laura Tyree

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Such a peaceful, light practice, thank you so much Laura! Love that you emphasise the importance of restoration as part of our practice. Really loved your calm heart filled approach...yaaaay! Thank you!!!
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Sweet! So glad it is helpful to you! Hasta mudras come out soon!!
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Loved this calming practice and what a treat to hear your sweet voice during shivasana. xoxoxooxo
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It is one of my favorites too. I did a modified version this morning LOL. Keep me posted on your experiences! La
Laura. Your voice! My heart is expansive and I'm swimming in my hips. Lv
Laura I was referred to this practice by another teacher, and I am elated. I have extremely tight hips, hamstrings, and a sensitive low back. This beautiful practice helped to gently stretch and open without the intensity of over doing. I so prefer and enjoy the slower paced sessions where I have time to languish in the pose and experience the gradual release. This is also so restorative, and I love the different ways of getting into a pose, especially I need support under my hip. Loved the support for the feet on the towel during the relaxtion, that was very different for me. I will do this practice morning and evening, to gently get me going. Grateful for your beautiful teaching and lovely voice.
Laura Tyree's Hi[ opening video was wonderful.
That voice tho! Feeling cozy and held, as if wrapped in a soft blanket 😴✌️
Awe!  Ive got CDs on iTunes...check 'em out!
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I highly enjoyed this particular practice. It was very calming and peaceful. I had no problem easing into my king pigeon pose. The singing made the practice even sweeter ~ Thank You!
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