20 Minute Yoga Flows: Ignite the Fire Within
Sarah Beston

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This was a fiery start to my day, core muscles coming alive and arms and stomach wobbling to hold those poses. I finished with extended meditation to go really inward and experience the residue of the practice. Namaste.
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Needed this today!  
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Good morning, Glenford N. Thank you for sharing your experience of the practice. I think it is wonderful that you are supplementing with extended meditations at the end. Wishing you a beautiful day!
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Thanks so much for practicing with me here, Corinne M!
Hi Sarah, really enjoying these 20 minute flows at the moment, as I'm a little stuck for time right now. These short sessions are keeping me feeling balanced and serene Many thanks. C Xxx
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Thanks so much for practicing with me and sharing your experience, Catherine A! I am happy to hear that these shorter practices are meeting you. I hope you enjoy the rest of the season ... please let me know how it goes. Warmly, Sarah
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Wonderful practice Sarah - at the end of my workday before I make dinner. - - energized me for a lovely evening -Merci!
So happy this was an energizing practice for you, Sara B! Wishing you a beautiful day. 
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Perfect practice on this rainy day thanks
I love a good rainy day yoga practice, Robin J! Thank you for practicing with me here.
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