On the Verge 10-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 5: Balance
Sadia Bruce

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great class, thanks. like the level 2/3 interface. lots of interesting novelty. regards my revolved padangustasana and revolved crow - needs more work! :)
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A nice practice for the whole body. Feels wonderful
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One of my favorite class of this series. I love balance work. I"ve enjoyed the twisted chair to revolved crow pose sequence.
Matthew Excellent! Remember: caress don't command. I see you levitating in 2022. Keep us updated ;)
So glad you enjoyed, Lina S! I, too, really enjoy that juxtapositioning!
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Level 2/3 has become quite challenging for me as I inch closer to my 60s…so props were my friend here and I happily watched you enjoying revolved crow 😍 With the modifications I was able to enjoy my version of the postures and i’m feeling pretty darn great! Love your creative transitions 👏
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Wow! This is good because I have no balance hut I did it with some help with a bed.
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Man, that felt good! Lots of mods, but I just feel proud that I showed up knowing side crow was happening. Lol! So delicious to wring everything out. Great practice!
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Lillian M That's the spirit! Tailor the practice to your needs, rather than trying to fit your body— perfect as it is— to the practice!
Rachel S I'm also proud of you! You took a risk and surprised yourself— BTW, "delicious" is my favorite descriptor for anything that isn't food :)
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