On the Verge 10-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 2: Fire<br>Sadia Bruce

On the Verge 10-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 2: Fire
Sadia Bruce

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I struggled a bit with the bits nudging level 3 but this was welcome since I want to lean into more of the 2/3 practices in 2022. thanks Sadia.
Penny R
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Love this series- Sadia, you are awesome! Thank you for the pushes and gentle nudges. The language you use is so descriptive and engaging, it keeps one going when they're wiping the sweat out of their eyes :) On to Expansion!
Rachel S
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Fabulous! I almost skipped this because I don't trust that I can do fiery yoga, but I absolutely could, and this felt amazing. Thank you!
Sadia Bruce
YES, Rachel S! That's it— that's exactly it! Let your courageous capacity expansion be an inspiration to all others who might be hesitant (and are reading these comments to find the one that tips the scale)! May the force and the fire be with you all year long...  
Sadia Bruce
Hello, Penny R! Thank you SO MUCH for your kind words, and for receiving mine! Let me know how Expansion landed— and the others, too! Happy New Year!
Sadia Bruce
You spotted it, Matthew— my attempt to caress (rather than command) everyone into vigorous practice! After all: practice is not a prison but a portal...
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Delicious practice. Thank you, Sadia! Needed that FIRE. Blessings from Berlin~~
Michelle F
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Good morning on a  blustery Andalucian day Sadia,
oh my goodness - thank you!
Day 1 was a lovely reintroduction for me after a few months off the mat . so when I saw today´s sequence was ¨fiery¨, like Rachel S i thought..... perhaps not!
Then after reading the comments I decided to go for it- so it gave me a big smile when in your opening you said ....the only thing better than turning up for day 1 is turning up for day 2 !
 Well I trembled and shook - just like the trees outside the window but i kept going and am I glad i did? of course I am ! 
See you ¨tomorrow!¨
loveandpeacex xx

David G-
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So cool to read other's comments. Yes, more conflagrations please.  The Level 3 arm-balance and quad-balance asanas  are currently beyond my ability (hooray), so I'll be back. 

I don't enjoy calling it horse pose. Can we rename it the Verge pose? Better than an ice-cream flavor? 

You threw in that 3 breath chaturanga hold out of nowhere. 

You got me on the Verge pose. I slipped out of the pose while adjusting my feet. It's like you saw me. Very Winston and the telescreen in .  

Sadia Bruce
Shawn Thank you for practicing with me— am glad it served you! Blessings from the Berkshires! 
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