20 Minute Yoga Flows: Root to Self
Bex Urban

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That was fantastic! Thank you. Appreciate your calm energy and how much we did in such a sort time but it never felt rushed. 
Christina F thx you! All connects, all changes and so we pay attention! Xox
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fantastic practice. 'its not how low you go, its how beautiful your breath is to the five long lines' - awesome pointer - huge thanks. :)
Matthew thank yourself!!! Way to practice, breathing is the way. Xox
did the practice again today - forgot to say i loved the expression - 'its not how far you go, its how present you are'. 😀🌈
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Love the intuitive progressions, really enjoyed this class. Thank you Rebecca! You mention hydrating and rinsing in this practice. Would you explain, please? Thanks!
Sheri S when breathing deeply, for me the practice, moves the energy and allows for more flow in the body. I think of the breath as hydrating our body and rinsing the insides, like an internal shower. Hope this makes sense to you. Happy moving.
I haven’t thought of or felt the inhalations and exhalations  as a liquid or rinsing or showering internally. I have moved the energy to outside the body and let the breath flow like rain showering down on me.

 This is new. Gonna play with that and looking forward to the play 👍😊. Thanks Rebecca!
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Hi Bex!
Sometimes 20 minutes is just PERFECT! Thankyou - I found that tip of putting hands where elbows would be behind back really helpful! Felt so much freer than I usually do!
Have a great day!
Michelle F totally agree, 20 minutes is a great primer or practice!!!
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