Asana Studies: Spiraling and Shaping
Chris Hoskins

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Chris can dial me in immediately the voice, the cues, the rhythm, the simplicity it all works. Thank-you Chris!
Hi Karen, Thank you...I'm happy to hear that it works for you!
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I can't understand what you are saying, you mumble. I am moderately deaf in one ear and to have to listen to you when my eyes are closed, it is virtually impossible to understand you.
Dearest Lindy, thank you so much for being here and your feedback. If you haven't already, I suggest watching some of Chris's earlier episodes in the Season where he explains all the instructions in high detail. Then, in this practice, he allows the instructions to be in a rhythmic dance like cadence. xokira
Hi Lindy, Thanks, I really appreciate your feedback. Kira's suggestion of how to approach it is on point (thanks Kira). However I will be mindful of your input the next time we film...there's always room for growth.

In the meantime if you have any questions please let me know.
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I understand Lindy's concern. I have a mild to moderate hearing loss and also had a hard time following what Chris was saying. It's less a matter of having done the earlier episodes and more a matter of not being able to understand most of what he's saying because the enunciation isn't clear. It's very hard to get into the yoga state of mind when you're tense from trying to understand what's being said/what you're supposed to do! It happens with some voices, and unfortunately for me and Lindy, it happens for us with Chris's voice. Luckily there are many other sessions on the site.
Hi Nan, Thank you so much for your feedback. I totally understand the frustration with the instructions being insufficiently enunciated to clearly understand, and the tension that can cause.

It's funny because when I teach in person I often enunciate and project my voice so much that I'm mindful to monitor my volume to avoid being too loud. On the next go round I will definitely speak much more clearly.

I'm the meantime please let me know if you would like me to clarify any of it. Thanks again
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I was thrilled to find Chris listed as a YogaAnytime teacher, because I learned so much from him "back in the day" (14+ years ago!) before I was a yoga teacher. I've carried some of his language and moves with me over the years, as an instructor.... and now I get to receive even more from him. Thanks, Chris!
Hi Erica, I apologize for my slow response; I was away from the site for a while. Thanks for stopping through! It’s always nice to see a former student, and it’s great that you’re teaching!
Love your clarity and unusual moments i.e. Horse stance leading out of vira 2. Peace
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