The Bhakti Show: Removing our Obstacles
Julia Berkeley

Watch this Practice
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Julia, I love singing with you! Thank you for this!
and i love singing with you!!! xxx
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You are my Favorite on this app. Thanks for sharing your practice with me...I see the obstacles being removed in my life. NAMASTE
namaste robert
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Thank you Julia. Chanting with you was an uplifting and energising experience :))
Thanks for joining me Debra ... happy you feel the effects
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Thank you for this beautiful and illuminating series, Julia Berkeley . I feel the magic x
Yay Bianca , thanks for tuning into the magic!
Thank you I loved this, please can you let me know the chords for the mantra so I can learn on the harmonium x 
Hi Helena, The chords for "Om Gam Ganapatiye Namaha" and again for "Ganesha Sharanam" line are C minor, F minor, G minor and C minor.
For the "Jai Ganesha" bit it moves between C minor and Bflat major.
Hope that helps! Good luck and feel free to ask again. 
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