Practice with Patricia: Cobra and Locust Sequence
Patricia Sullivan

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I just completed this sequence with Patricia. I found it to be very grounding, challenging in a good way, and restorative. I feel calm and centered after this practice. Her teaching style reflects her deep study and understanding of yoga.
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Patricia is such a wonderful teacher!! I always learn so much from her. I did this practice along with her and then actually watched the whole video again to be able to take a few notes. So nice. I certainly recommend.
Kate, I'm touched to know you got so much out of this video. And your recommendation is all the more appreciated due to your level of practice. Many thanks, P
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Thank you for this wonderful, innovative practice. I have just finished it and feel great.
Sara, so pleased you enjoyed the cobra practice- it truly is so much more than just the cobra. Thanks for reaching out.
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Thank you for this amazing practice.
Your attention to detail is a gift to my practice!
The details really take my practice to a deeper level!
You are welcome! I'm happy you feel the potency of the details; it is my joy to offer these little gems and to have them received.
love, blessings!
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Very informative, I learned a lot. Have to see it a couple of times more to remember all the details. Patricia teaches so calm and precise, love that.
Thanks Karin, so glad you find the detail-dense approach worth returning to. It will nourish an intimacy within yourself, to attend to details with curiosity and kindness.
Happy to give you some new inspiration in a long practiced pose, and how fun to hear of your use of the Nureyev foot stretch prior to the cobra and locust - a kindred spirit! Love, P
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