Inner Workings: Tailbone Action and Hip Rotation
Kira Sloane

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I've done cat cow so many times and not noticed that subtle internal/external rotation in my hips. This blew my mind (as did the notion that being blissed out in yoga saves you from quantitative analysis)! Thanks for helping me feel it in a new way Kira!
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Always like anything yogi relating to hip joints as have always struggled to sit cross legged even though as a child I did lots,of gymnastics, followed by 7 years martial arts and now three years of yoga. Thanks for reassuring me that it's just the way I am!
Kim, love. The whole program of yoga is designed to fall love who we are! Happy you are here. xok
I'm always exploring my dog down. Which way do the hips rotate once your static.
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Hi there Lauri. Great question and most alignment cuing will aim you at neutral. We prefer to keep our options open so that we can allow the posture to feel fluid, fresh and new depending on what our body seeks in that moment. So, for example, one day it might feel really good to over emphasize internal rotation of the thighs drawing towards the midline with just a hint of the outer hips pulling back (external rotation). And on another day, it might feel satisfying to allow the feet to turn out to allow for a more extreme external rotation to find more length in the side body. We suggest playing and exploring and allowing the posture to help you feel free. Keep us posted. xok
Thank you for being here too, sweet Kira!
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Kira, I have practised for 19 years, and this was the most enjoyable and enlightening experience of hip opening ever! I have completed this practice feeling light and spacious across my whole pelvic area. Thank you so much. I look forward to more practise with you.
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I also enjoyed your sound effects!
Alison, such wonderful news! Happy to be here together.
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Very interesting! I’ve never noticed or heard abt it! I love this feeling of space that it creates ! Thanks
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