Wake Up with Yoga: Stable and Open Flow
Birgitte Kristen

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Thank you. I’ll keep working thru your series. Your queuing and guidance is wonderful. 🙏🏻☮️
Sharon O Dear Sharon, That is wonderful to hear. Thank you for leaving me your feedback. It is always so helpful to hear back from students. Warmest, Birgitte
Great practice to become stronger. I felt a sense of pride doing humble warrior better this second time. Chuckle. Looking at your form helps firm up or correct my positions or add some mindfulness in the transitions. Looking forward to your next new session.  🙏🏻 
Wonderful practice! Thanks, Birgitte! Kind regards!
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Sandra Židan Great to hear! Thank you for practicing with me. Warmest, Birgitte
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I have started using this series as a start to my day almost everyday. Thanks again for making iyengar yoga accessible outside of a classroom! I look forward to more of your classes in the future.
Bron L Dear Bron, So wonderful to hear that you have a great and steady routine....makes a huge difference. Thank you for leaving your feedback. I always enjoy  and learn when I hear back from students. I will be recording 60 Minute classes in February, so yes, there will be more content from me next year. Namaste, Birgitte
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An incredible sequence. I feel so energized and a bit tired too. I had a few gentle hops , and was able to be really present in ways that were new. Great way to start my morning. Also,  your Yoga Nidra script for the 5th Kosha layer is beautiful piece of writing and a sublime meditative journey. Thanks for sharing your teaching!
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David Goldstein Hi David, So happy to hear that your yoga is giving you so much joy. Happy Holidays! Namaste, Birgitte
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Thanks Birgitte! 

I am so passionate about yoga. In just ten months, I have a body that is now contemplating handstands and bridge poses while I cook dinner. Hilarous! I have the same passion for body moving as when I first started training to bike race. Each of my teachers provides a new way of moving (even within the same progression of asanas). Yoga is a lot like cycling, except the journey is not away from home, but living more peacefully within it. 

Glædelig jul og godt nytår, David. 
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