Too Tight to Stretch: Welcome to Season 2
Emily K. Benaron

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Thank you, Emily, for adding a new dimension to the twist sequence. So simple to move head back and forth, but never did it that way before. It really helps my stiff neck.
Alana does have a great "Too Tight to Stretch" sequence too, with the shoulder floss especially. I noticed that you didn't shake the arms out after the wall stretch. I think that's needed each time you have a challenging pose. Much appreciate your care and attention to all the moves!
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Oops, I meant to post this to your "Unlocking the Neck and Shoulders" video, which I really enjoyed. Thanks again
Hi Jacqueline I am glad you enjoyed the practice and found it helpful. Shaking the arms after challenging them is a great way to provide the body with a new and different sensation after a challenging one! I enjoy this too! Namaste, Emily
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