45 Minute Yoga Flows: Classic Flow
Rosemary Garrison

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My new go to class. That was perfect!
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Really nice practice...and those last 10 or so minutes: aaaaaaahhhhhh...💫🙏🏻💫
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Thank you! I've been struggling emotionally all day. Now the fog has lifted and my heart feels more open....this is why I come to the mat
Thank you, Cindy! So glad it worked for you. ; )
Jenny, yay for those last 10 minutes. Yummmmm!
Beautifully said, Catriona. What a blessing when the heart opens...
Hi there Rosemary. Really enjoyed this complete practice. Thx u. Dee Dee
Thank you, Dee Dee! So happy to hear it.
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how absolutely l o v e l y . . .
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I loved it! Good stretches. Easy to follow, calming voice!
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