Align with Freedom: 30-Day Yoga Challenge with Nathan Briner

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Excellent! When I started the show, I did not expect that I was going to learn so much about my body. I think I will be coming back often, in particular to the "integration" sessions. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.
Gilberto V I am so happy to hear that you have discovered new elements within your body through this challenge. The Integration work takes us deeper and deeper every time we do it and it’s why I love this practice. I hope to hear more about your journey  as you circle back through these lessons. 
All my best!
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Day 18 of the 30 day challenge while isolating during the pandemic.  I like the everyday routine and the scaffolding of the routines.  I am feeling stronger!
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Enjoy the challenge.  One 68 year old knee and one 68 year old knee trying to comeback from a questionable arthroscopy keeps bringing rain to my yoga ambition  
Alan B, I love that you aren’t letting the knee stop you though! My biggest recommendation would be patience and don’t try to make it all happen now. If you do too much too fast you could set yourself back a huge step. Take it slow, repeat lessons and let the body open as it can. The knee may also have limitations that need to be respected. If you need any help with prop ideas or pose alternatives, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. 
You got this!! 💪💪
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