Yin Yoga: Meet Yourself with Ease
Kira Sloane

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I wasn't feeling that well so decided to try something a bit slower pace. So glad I did as it was easy to follow and felt calmer after it. Certainly something to incorporate with my other classes on here. Thank you Kira ??
Dearest Senada, I hope you are feeling better and glad to be practicing together. xokira
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Such a wonderful practice. I did it right before bed and I feel amazing. Many thanks!
Sweet, Samantha! xok
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Thanks Kira, great practice for the evening before going to sleep!
Totally agree, Frederic! xok
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Thanks for this great class. It was perfect for me for today. Namaste
Thank you for being here, Aparna. xok
Lovely. Thank you Kira:)
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Dearest Tesa, happy to be together here. xok
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