The Happy Back Show: Open Front, Strong Back
Kira Sloane

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WOW lots of relief in my lower back from this. Now I just need some for my mid to upper back and I'll be back in business!
Can't wait for tomorrow, thank you!!!
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Hi Alex! Happy to hear. Arturo's Season 2 focuses on the mid and upper back. xok
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Kira! My neck was so sore today. I started with a short neck practice and then came here. So happy to be with you! I feel so much more free, in my neck and my body and my heart, thanks to you lovelies.
I love my time I spend with you. You give me peace when I hear your voice. I love your choice of wording, "snuggle" your foot back, the calmness in your voice. I could go on and on but you know ....time. I do have one question. Is there a video that does a complete 60 mins of Yoga in a chair, that I am missing or can't find?
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Dearest Donna

Happy you are here. You are right we do not have a complete 60 minute chair yoga practice.
Most seem to be 20 to 30 minutes mostly because that is what we get requests for.
We will put your desire into production!

20 minute practice with Cheri

20 minutes with Alana

Standing Pose tutorial with Patricia

30 minutes Sun Salutations Practice with me

25 minutes with Cheri

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Doing this as part of my 15 day free trial. Kira is very great. I'm a man who has struggled with Vinyasa every week. Went on a 7 hour flight to and back and re-injured my low back. Thought I'd try to find something on-line that was gentle enough to ease back in to Vinyasa. This, so far, has been perfect!
Vic, so glad you're here. On your way back to Vinyasa, you might also check out:
* Too Tight to Stretch
* Welcome (Back) to Yoga
* Wait for It

Stay close and I hope your back feels real better soon! xok
I find all your practices inspiring. I have a bad low back, tight hips, tight hamstrings. This session was both gentle and invigorating, opening my hips and easing my lower back pain.
The locust and even baby cobras do constrict, but I love how you bring us into the pose by bringing the shoulders up first, then down and back before lifting. This made a huge difference for me. Thank you for your gentle, sensitive teachings Kira.
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Joan, you are so dedicated! Thank you for all your feedback and glad you are here.
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