Keepin` it Real: Morning Routine
Robert Sidoti

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You are freaking awesome Sharon King! A bit delayed response, but thank you and have a great day!
Hello to you Brooklyn, you watched this 9 months ago, hope you can view this comment:) Thanks for watching and so so so happy the morning routine and warm beverage works for you!
Thank you Harnam, Salve, Cheryl and Sam!! So grateful for your sweet comments. More than anything it feels so good to know these sequences, movements and thoughts work for you! Rock on, yoga on and live on my friends!! Namaste!
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Nice teaching , unintimidating and without ego !
Thanks for the comment and for being here with us all Maja! Hope to hear from you more! Have a great day!
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I don't think that my first comment made it through so I am reposting. Robert this is my first practice after a long time away because of hand surgery. Like a breathe of fresh air - I have waited sooo long. Thank you
Welcome back Sam! Glad to know your hand is better and you're able to practice with us:) Have a beautiful day!
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That was awesome! I agree that's the best way to start the day! I'll do it again tomorrow morning! Thank you!
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Thanks Robert Sidoti for this awesome morning route. I have now make it mine and I just can't step out of my bed without doing it, it has become as essential as my morning cup of tea :) It's great too when I need to relax in between (too) long periods of time spent in a sitting position. So thanks a lot for this easy and quick flow that changes my day!
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