Keepin` it Real: Morning Routine
Robert Sidoti

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A few minutes was all I could commit to this morning. My monkey mind was already taking over and I was desperate to rein it in.  This video popped up as suggested and I clicked. Your  words resonated. Towards the end, as we sat back on our heels I thought about my coffee, and sure enough - you told me to take a sip.  Love it. Thanks for helping me gain control of my morning. 
I love love love this comment Louise - thanks for sharing!! It can be so tough to commit and practice with so much going on in our minds and days and lives. But when we do fully, it can feel oh so rewarding! I hope your coffee was goooood! I'm having mine now as I finish my practice and respond to you and others, what a day so far! Namaste, Robert
Grazie and love to you too Robin !! Hope you are doing and feeling well! 
Hello there Ana Catania !! How are you?! Been awhile! Hope you are well and happy and living your most happy and chosen life :)) With gratitude, Robert
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Just what I needed today and ten minutes did it!
Good to hear David !! It doesn't take a long time to feel great - glad this was the case for you! Have a great day! 
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Thank you for this gift!
Thank YOU for your gifts Sharon :)) So grateful you’re here practicing with us all! 
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Thank goodness I found this!! Aaahmazing! Easy peazy for morning ! Hope you are well!
Hi Hi Louisa !! Thank goodness for you! One of my favorite styles and paces of classes to instruct - feels so good and great way to start our days! Blessings, hugs and love to you and yours, Robert
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