Yin Yoga: Exhale Everything
Kira Sloane

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Dearest Dori. Thank you so much for your honest feedback. Xok
Hey Kira! I love so much this yin yoga practice as much as I love all of those kind of mindful and slow pace practices. I'm gonna to get inspired from this season for the yoga retreat I'm preparing. It'll take place in Spain next April where you are welcome;). As it is my first one, I'd appreciate so much some basic advices from you. I'd be so happy to hear from you dear Kira. Big hugs 🤗
Ana! I miss you greatly and I am so happy to hear that you are leading a retreat! I drool at the possibility of joining you! Send me the information via email and we can start a conversation about holding a retreat.
Thanks Kira, I just love the way you invite images to unfold during the practice.
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Kira, thanks to guide me into a plough pose. My lower back feels amazing after this pose. I don't know, why I didn't practice this pose lately? Love. Silke
Silke! I also forget about this shape and am always amazed by the results. xok
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What a brilliant practice. So interesting to have time to reflect on the connection between the end of the exhalation and everything else. It made me think of pausing after an achievement rather than just completing and moving straight on to the next thing! Thanks v much.
Great practice, Kira! I've really enjoyed doing it! Kind regards!
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Letting go of the breath, examining the bottom and being able to do the plow(finally) felt so comforting for me. Being at the bottom, at first, was scary but the release of breath grew longer and I could relax and listen. Thank you for taking me to the bottom of the ocean

Sara S, so wonderful to hear! And yes, so quiet there. So magnificent. xok
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