Inner Workings: The Breath Loves You
Kira Sloane

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thank you
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Love you, teacher! love your voice and your heart :)
Dearest Thuy, LOVE! xok
Such sweetness here, Kira! Such a loving meditation. I will hold the essence of this intimate relationship in my heart.
Kate, LOVE.
Namasté. I love it love it love it. Thank you sooo much for this inspiration to my breathe. Thank you to my breath. Silke
Yes, Silke, isn't she amazing! And aren't you amazing! xok
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It always comes right when you need it. Thank you so much for this!
Esther, amazing, right? Magic. xok
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Thank you Kira Sloane, i really enjoy the way you teach, is like an angel is guiding us through the practice. Namaste.
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