30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 14: Yogi Workout
Robert Sidoti

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This is another one I'll have to do again, earlier in the day tomorrow since it's high energy. Doing it so late wasn't my smartest move.
Diane!! So happy you are doing the challenge! Our time in Eugene was way too short, this is giving us a chance to deepen our friendship:) I suppose finding the right time of day is helpful, keep up the good practice! Rob
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WAU!!! I am so proud of myself!!! I haven't missed a day . So grateful for your guidance and encouragement ... I feel safe ... AND iI don't even have to leave my home.
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Got my heart racing! I keep showing up and I can feel my strength building and my attitude becoming more positive about where I am now. Thank You
I woke up with a list of why it would be ok to skip today, primarily because I started to feel fatigued after yesterdays challenge. But I logged in and read all of your comments, and I felt encouraged. And then more encouragement from Roberts intro and got myself on the mat and my enthusiasm grew with each breath, So, thank you all for showing up for me today! :) the session was really nice and energizing, and I am looking forward to tomorrow. good day all.
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Wow!! So I'm pretty much on the 45 day yoga challenge at this point due to being really sore at times and working through the not so fun side effects of a chronic illness. Yet today I found myself jumping spontaneously from squat to plank and back and enjoying the push-up in between. I had to go look in the mirror to make sure it was still me! Thanks Robert and yoga anytime!!
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Loved this one! Was feeling a little underwhelmed going into it because my abs are sore from yesterday, but this definitely helped me stretch them. These exercises felt very all-encompassing of the entire body, which I loved as a contrast to the day 13 challenge. Thanks Robert!
Astrid, we are grateful for you being here with us, you and the others are so inspiring to me and the others doing his challenge!! So Thank YOU! Glad it's feeling good!
Good job Dannette! Nothing wrong with a little attitude adjustment:) Keep up the good work and practice!
Yes Maria! We all can understand how hard it can be to show up and how many excuses or reasons we can create, it's crazy right?! :) Self sabotage ourselves constantly, sounds like you are gaining the skills to battle them though, good job and GOOD DAY TO YOU!
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