Yoga for Athletes: Restore and Repair
Lydia Zamorano

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Ahahha funny that you're in France! Fontainebleau = bouldering ! We have pretty nice boulders in Brittany too, plus the place is perfect to put a yoga mat of the sandy floor! Enjoy the croissants and the rocks :)
Another of my favorites from you Lydia. I did this after my 2 mile walk, and it made such a difference in recovery. Love the subtle changes with the feet in down dog, it really got into my side leg muscles. As always your encouragement to feel things in a different way brings me deeper into the practice. Very grateful for this today. Be well.
I have to tell you Lydia, I LOVE rolling my hips on the rolled mat and feeling the pressure points in the outer leg muscles get that deep massage. I do this every day, it feels amazing🌞 Grateful as always for your instruction. Be well
Hi Joan Isn't that the best?! Hope you're doing well and your practice is giving you lots of freedom and peace. We just welcomed a new baby girl into our lives 2 weeks ago. :) Life is full and sweet. Be well!
Oh Lydia, congratulations and blessings to your new baby girl and family 💕🍼
Lydia, I hope you and your family are well.  I always return to your practices to find a peaceful release.  I hope one day you will post some new Yin and Renewal sessions🌾🌸
Joan It is so nice to hear from you! Hoping that you are feeling safe and healthy during these wild times. I am hoping to go liver with yoga anytime soon so we will keep you posted! Love to you and your family! 
I will be watching, stay well Lydia
The weekends are such a wonderful time to explore yin stretches. I really liked the radiant breathing; it's a great visual too. The 70% rule for athletes is wise advice. I used my dowel for the IT-band stretch. I need to more of that. Thanks for the quad stretch, and the pigeon pose was legit needed today too.  The best part was the bolster for the windshield stretch. Thanks!!!
David Goldstein I love the weekends for yin style! You are inspiring me to drop into a gentle stretchy practice with pigeon this rainy evening David. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Warmth, Lydia 
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