Flow Sweet Flow: Quiet Core<br>Laura Tyree

Flow Sweet Flow: Quiet Core
Laura Tyree

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Liked the practice - my favorite part was the modified pigeon I found that very helpful.
Cheryl Mack
Omg that was hard but wonderful ty Laura
Robin K
really like your neutral energy, Laura. Easy to be with. I'll come back to your classes
This practice is fantastic. Humane, effective core work that does not activate my inner (unwilling) brat. Thank you so much!
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I really enjoyed this sequence, Laura. A lovely, quiet but strong evening practice.
Lara N
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After this practice it is very clear to me I should continue working my core out. Small movements yet it took a lot of effort! Good workout! I'll get better each week :) thanks, Laura
Su T
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You’re very encouraging and make the practice enjoyable. Thank you.
Kerry N-W
Brilliant! And your kind teaching is much appreciated. I said namaste back to you! kerry
Julie P
Just what I needed! It was tough but the right amount. I really liked it!
Sara S
71 here. Thank you for your session. Loved it. I wanted something more than chair yoga , you fit the bill
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