Flow Sweet Flow: Unwind Your Day
Laura Tyree

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Her voice is so soothing, shes very likable. I love this routine, im very relaxed now.
I love this so much Laura Tyree.
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Thanks so much, a great do able transition to home from work!
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Tk u! The class was awesome!!
Love this class. I"ve been out of practice for months. this is the perfect way to end my day!
Really lovely pacing here. Plenty of time to tune in and feel the letting go. Blessings!
Thank you so much I was very tight from the day and I did "unwind"
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Laura I don't like how you say, "If you have a super skinny badonk-a-donk, this is not going to be helping you any". I feel insulted. Despite this, I still watch your yoga video, because your teaching is quality. However, I wish you could teach without putting any particular body type down. In my view body type is largely genetic, yet the important thing is acceptance on all accounts.
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Dearest OceannaWe never like it when a member of our community feels offended and we are sorry. We love Laura's free wheeling, fun loving, self-teasing style of sharing of the practice, so we take responsibility for not helping her language feel more inclusive. While she hasn't yet commented here, we know that Laura never intends any harm. Her heart is as warm as any we have ever met. We are so happy you are here. Love, Kira
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Really enjoyed this video and Laura's overall teaching style! I'm a beginner so love how things are explained in a fun and clear way. Thanks Laura! :) 
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