Good Morning Yoga: Energize and Ground
Alana Mitnick

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Great quick energizer for my busy morning! Thanks very much!
Alright Azar! So delighted to be practicing together! Wishing you a wonderful day. ~ Alana
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Lovely earthbound, grounding energy, and deep freedom in the legs. Thank you.
Beautiful, Lori! So delighted to be practicing together. I love the freedom that comes with actually feeling grounded. xoA
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Dear Alana - I find your calming energy very nourishing. I'm in a busy mode at th moment and this practice is just the right amount of time and effort and relaxation to bring me to my mat even when I'm feeling pressured by my schedule. 😊
Hi Debra! I'm so delighted to be practicing together on Yoga Anytime! It's such an important reminder to take time for ourselves to breathe, move a little, and relax. I am continually amazed at how it doesn't take much to feel better. Keep it up! Love, Alana
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Great grounding and relaxing basic practice. I enjoy your soothing voice too. One tech thing: the video stops every time I play this around 19 minutes in (squat pose) and I have to switch to audio only at that point (no problem but just thought you would want to know).
Hi Elissa! So delighted to be practicing together online! Hmmm... we haven't had any problems playing the video on our end. Have you tried refreshing your browser? It may be your internet connection and/or basic video playback issues. Let us know if we can help! xoA
Just did this one again and still love it.
Great, Ted!
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