Good Morning Yoga: Find Your Twist
Alana Mitnick

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Great way to start the day. A gentle twist enlivens the body and I feel ready for anything,
Wow, wonderful, Glenford! I always feel enliven after twists, too. A great way to start your day or refresh.
Great way to come home from vacation! Thanks.
Welcome home, Kit! So glad you are here and found your twist.
~ Alana
Great start to my day & interesting sequence too - thank you
Hi Chars Cowling! So delighted to be practicing together. Have a wonderful day! ~ Alana
First time and didn't know it was level 2. I might have shied away, but so glad I did the sequence! The twists I do quite well, and just substituted your 1/4 Sun Salutations, as full one is difficult. Like you said, "Awesome!". Thanks :)
Hi Jacqueline, So delighted that you gave this twisitng practice a try! I love the 1/4 Sun Salutations... such a lovely way to move with the breath, ground and center. xoA
Worked great as an evening practice. Namaste.
Namaste, Christel. I'm glad you enjoyed your evening twisting practice. It's amazing how even a few minutes of yoga a day can make a difference. P.S your profile picture is beautiful... the flowers in water. :) Warmly, Alana
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